One of New York City’s veteran Wine Directors just moved to the Columbia gorge bringing with her a passion and love for all things vino! With her ethereal style and romantic lust for wine, Lelañea Fulton’s programs created a buzz that garnered acclaim from serious aficionados, collectors, consumers, and critics, as well as, those just looking for a fun, unique wine experience.


Lelañea’s style and approach to wine reflect her humble roots and salt of the earth charm that allows her to interact with her clientele in a language that illuminates and clarifies the mysteries of wine. Intuitively she embarks her clients on a journey of self-discovery that transcends beyond just that of wine. Unveiling the uniqueness of each individual, she is able to pinpoint and fine-tune a selection of wines that best fits the personality and lifestyle of her clients.


As our experience with wine grows, so does our appreciation and desire to share with others.

It is this love and experience of sharing that compels her to offer this unique relationship with wine; changing the way we relate to an art that is so closely related to the earth and to each of us as an individual. It is her passion to touch the core of every client through a wine that speaks intimately to them alone.


With The Loving Somm, you can rest assured that you will always have beautiful wines in your home or establishment to share with guests, friends, family, and clients knowing that the quality will be of the highest caliber.